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About Tijuana

1,300,983 in city
1,484,005 in metro
1,727 km² (667 mi²)
37 m
Tijuana is the largest city in the state of Baja California, Mexico. Tijuana is also the most northerly city in Latin America. It is known as the corner of Mexico and consequently of Latin America. The city is bordered to the north by San Diego, California; to the south, by the municipalities of Playas de Rosarito and Ensenada; with the municipality of Tecate to the east; and to the west, by the Pacific Ocean.

Metro Cities

Rosarito Beach, Tijuana

No. of Buildings

No. Current status
46 All Buildings
under construction

Tallest Buildings

# Building Height Year
1 NewCity Diamond Tower 334 ft 2008
2 Grand Hotel Tower 295 ft 1982
3 Plaza Aguacaliente 295 ft 1982
4 NewCity Tower II 291 ft 2008
5 NewCity Tower III 291 ft 2015

Building types

No. Type
27 high-rise building
16 low-rise building
2 skyscraper
1 church