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About Billings

106,954 in city
154,553 in metro
106 km² (41 mi²)
971.997683492 m
Billings is Montana's largest city and was first settled in 1877 in the Montana Territory as a trading post called Coulson (now known as Coulson Park). Renamed after Frederick Billings, former president of the Northern Pacific Railroad, and was incorporated on March 15, 1882. By the mid 1960s Billings surpassed Great Falls as the state's largest city. Billings is located in the state's most populous county, Yellowstone County in South Central Montana, which is the commercial, cultural, and financial center for the region. It is the largest city between Calgary, Denver, Spokane, and Minneapolis. Most of the city sits in the Yellowstone Valley which was carved out by the Yellowstone River and is surrounded by five beautiful mountain ranges with the Beartooth Mountains to the west, the Crazy Mountains to the northwest, and the Pryor, Big Horn, and Wolf Mountains to the south. It is considered the Gateway to Yellowstone National Park.