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About Wauwatosa

47,068 in city
1,760,268 in metro
34 km² (13 mi²)
205.132894416 m
Located on the western border of Milwaukee, this large L-shaped suburb is one of the most interesting towns in Milwaukee County. It is situated on rolling terrain, with broad slopes opening up wide views. Downtown Wauwatosa is on hilly ground by the Menomonee River, with small historic buildings along streets converging at odd angles. The river cuts across town to the northwest, with a scenic drive running along the parkway at the bottom of the valley. Mayfair Shopping Center is the primary business center. It is located near the beltway in the western lowlands. On the north side the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, a late work of Frank Lloyd Wright, is the city's most famous landmark. Many observers liken its design to a flying saucer.