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Tel Aviv Towers


Tel Aviv Towers
residential complex



  • There are 1800 parking places in the entire complex.
  • Tel Aviv Towers complex contains tennis courts, spa, a couple of swimming pools, a shopping center and many other recreation facilities.
  • In addition to the 4 residential towers of the project, another 9-stories high office building is planned.
  • Tallest buildings in Israel with balconies; took the title from Isrotel Tower.
  • Tallest all-residential towers in Israel.
  • Some 40% of the total construction cost was spent on the complex underground car park facility.
  • Tallest marble coated buildings in the country.
  • Total complex cost is over US$100 million.



Involved Companies

Riskin Architects

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# Building Height Floors Building type Year Status
1 exterior-north-face Tel Aviv Tower 1 459 ft 34 skyscraper 2000
2 exterior-north-face Tel Aviv Tower 2 459 ft 34 skyscraper 2000
3 tel-aviv-tower-4-tel-aviv-yaffo-israel-israel-exterior-fullheightview-viewed-from-totzeret-haaretz-street Tel Aviv Tower 4 459 ft 34 skyscraper 2013
4 tel-aviv-tower-3-tel-aviv-yaffo-israel-israel-exterior-lookingup Tel Aviv Tower 3 459 ft 34 skyscraper 2013
5 Tel Aviv Towers Offices ≈109 ft 9 low-rise building 2014
under construction
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